Five Reasons Acoustic Guitarists Can’t Miss The Susquehanna Folk Festival


Five Reasons Acoustic Guitarists Can’t Miss The Susquehanna Folk Festival

When it was announced that Central Pennsylvania would have a “mini Merle Fest” type of event, nobody expected the massive amount of extras that would be crammed into two days.

For guitarists, it’ll be like acoustic heaven.  Here’s five reasons why:

Reason #1 – YOU CAN BRING YOUR GUITAR and be a part of the music! Attend seminars.  Jam with others.  There will be a secure instrument check desk at the event so that you can enjoy the shows without lugging your main guitar around the whole time.

Reason #2 – Attend the Slide Guitar Seminar with Rory Block – Legendary blues guitarist, Rory Block will not only be a headliner for day 1 of the Susquehanna Folk Festival on July 28, she will also give a slide guitar seminar prior to her concert. The seminar is scheduled for 2-3pm at the Bluett Bros. Violins Workshop Stage.

Reason #3 – Experience the DADGAD Celtic Guitar Seminar with  Dáithí Sproule – Listen, if you’re gonna add a new playing style to your life, it might as well be the lush DADGAD acoustic style.  This is the tuning that Jimmy Page employed for Kashmir and many other songs.  And hey, you might as well learn it from one of the Irish originators, face to face!  Dáithí Sproule was one of the first guitarists to use the DADGAD guitar tuning for Irish music after the originator Davy Graham.  Don’t miss this!

Reason #4 – Take part in the scheduled jam sessions, from blues to bluegrass and Celtic.  The Susquehanna Folk Festival has a dedicated area called The Pickin’ Place that will host jam sessions led by various performers.

Reason #5 – David Bromberg, Rory Block, Claire Lynch Band and more, live in concert…over a dozen fantastic shows(Plus a circus, dancing, art and craft vendors… you get the idea.)

Reason #6 – (We’re throwing in an extra reason!)  “The Magic Happens on the Hillside” – Musicians of all types will be bringing their instruments to the fest, inciting spontaneous jam sessions on the hillside, the parking lot and all over the beautiful Roundtop Resort location.  Find some new pickin’ buddies!

All seminars are part of the festival ticket price and seating will be limited to first come, first serve.  (In other words, go through the full schedule to plan your fest experience!)

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