Emmanuel Nsingani and Momo Baz

Emmanuel Nsingani in the background playing guitar; Momo Baz in the foreground singing and clapping her hands.

We are proud to present Emmanuel Nsingani with Momo Baz, originally from Brazzaville, Republic of Congo. Emmanuel Nsingani has been playing music all of his life, immersing himself in the world of jazz, gospel and, of course, Congolese rumba/soukous. Emmanuel’s eclectic vocal style features songs in French, English, Lingala and Lari. His music combines a strong flavor of traditional folkloric Congolese, with elements of jazz, rock, pop, Latin, R&B, and world music, creating a distinct, modern sound. Momo Baz pairs perfectly with Emmanuel’s diverse style of music. Ms. Baz’s music is inspired by African rhythms combined with jazz and traditional Congolese music. She has been involved musically with projects at the US Embassy, American School and World Health Organization musical events in Brazzaville.

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