Katherine Rondeau

...has been invited to appear at our 2021 festival but has not yet been confirmed. Stay tuned!

Katherine Rondeau performing with mic and guitar; she's smiling with her chin raised and eyes closed.

Photo Credit

Brian McCloskey

Katherine Rondeau is a full-throttle singer-songwriter who focuses her passion for classic folk music through a thoroughly modern lens. After bursting onto the Philly folk scene in 2015, she was quickly recognized for her rich, bold voice and warm, engaging personality, and her 2019 release "Unfortunate Point of View" has been a hit with folk audiences and DJs alike.

How to describe Katherine's music? Her voice — strong, soulful, warm — rings out like a bell on a clear summer’s night. Her original songs draw audiences in and take them on journeys both real and imagined. Whether sharing stories of love lost and found, calling out robust anthems of peace and justice, or reimagining classic songs from the Folk Revival, there is no mistaking she has earned her place at the folk table.

Katherine Rondeau is one of five acts in our 2019 Emerging Artist Showcase.