2020 Scheduled Event:

Meet the Masters: David Bromberg

David Bromberg, photographed in profile, grinning, against a stone building wall.
At the Patio Stage, on Sunday from 3:50 pm to 4:50 pm

For David Bromberg, it all began with the blues. His incredible journey spans five-and-a-half decades, and includes – but is not limited to – adventures with Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jerry Garcia, and music and life lessons from seminal blues guitarist Reverend Gary Davis, who claimed the young Bromberg as a son. A musician’s musician, Bromberg’s mastery of several stringed instruments (guitar, fiddle, Dobro, mandolin), and multiple styles is legendary, leading Dr. John to declare him an American icon.

“Meet the Masters” are a series of artist interviews in front of a live audience. The "Meet the Masters" program is intended to give audiences the opportunity to learn about the lives and music of celebrated folk masters.