Quentin Callewaert

Quentin Callewaert with his guitar. He's grinning and looking down, so that his straight blonde hair falls over his eyes.

Photo Credit

Laura Foord

Seventeen year old Quentin Callewaert has only been on the music scene for a few years now, but he is creating a major buzz as one of the most gifted guitarists around.

​Classically trained, Quentin’s interest in fingerstyle acoustic guitar was inspired by Doc Watson, Merle Travis and Tommy Emmanuel. He is also a gifted singer with a refreshingly bluesy voice that complements his blend of Americana, gospel and bluegrass.

Quentin's appearance is part of a "Young Folk" concert made possible by the North East Regional Folk Alliance. NERFA's purpose is to expose audiences to some of the nation’s finest young acoustic musicians. Our festival was chosen to participate and invited to select from a vetted list of performers who are regularly sent to festivals all across the United States and Canada.