The Quixote Project (2019)

...has been invited to appear at our 2021 festival but has not yet been confirmed. Stay tuned!

The five band members performing onstage, in a very dark black-and-white photo.

The Quixote Project is a roots-music outfit that pulls from traditional genres to blur the lines of modern music. "Frontman Jeff Selby with a revolving cast of musicians have distilled the multi-genre sounds of a beachfront music festival into a remarkably cohesive live set, with hints of bluegrass, folk, and rock in a style that would be pigeonholed as “jam” if the songwriting wasn’t so explicitly pop-oriented" says Dave Fox of Music Without Labels.

Their newest album, Land of Plenty, recorded at Cambridge Sound studios, has garnered “Album of the Year” and “Band of the Year” for the 2018 WSTW 93.7FM Homey Awards — as well as “Americana/Folk band of the Year", "Musician of the Year" and "Instrumentalist of the year" at the 2018 Elephant Indie Music awards.

The Quixote Project is one of five bands in our 2019 Emerging Artist Showcase.