The Wild Hymns

...has been invited to appear at our 2021 festival but has not yet been confirmed. Stay tuned!

Black-and-white photo of The Wild Hymns members Megan Woodland Hewitt in old-fashioned dress and wide-brimmed hat, and Jeff Hewitt behind a blur.

A beautiful synthesis of neo-folk, pop, and Americana with elements of jazz, psychedelia and mellow rock and roll, The Wild Hymns are the original songs of singer/songwriter Megan Woodland Hewitt (née Donley) and her band with her husband, guitarist Jeff Hewitt (including bassist/vocalist Cindy David, keyboardist Rob Shuckle and various drummers). There is a tender sweetness to their sound as well as depth, mystery and an other-worldly quality; a blending of understated but wide-ranging, earnest and soulful female vocals with flowing and effortless guitar that evokes sounds from the folk-rock of the 60s as well as world, jazz and blues. The music and lyrics of The Wild Hymns are greatly influenced by human relationship, emotion, nature, and mysticism; they are reclaiming the word “hymn” as a song of praise to the natural world, the raw and wild human spirit, and universal/cosmic love.